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Kevin David: House Just Passed NEW PPP Stimulus Package

House Just Passed NEW PPP Stimulus Package FREE Money for Self Employed!

Covid relief stimulus bill update!!! Find out how to claim your relief money!
⚠️Read First⚠️ On May 28th the house of representatives passed the paycheck protection program flexibility act…

Now there are some extremely important details that if you miss, you will lose money, and you will not get the maximum benefits… So if you’re a small business owner, side-hustlers, and anyone who is otherwise self-employed…

This is a SUPER important political announcement that is going to help you make a lot of extra money without doing a thing – so make sure you stop what you’re doing right now and listen up!

The CARES Act signed into law by President Trump at the end of March established the Paycheck Protection Program—a $350 billion program administered by the Small Business Administration to provide forgivable loans to cover payroll and overhead expenses, intended to keep mom-and-pop shops from folding.

Basically, the Flexibility for the Paycheck Protection Program Act makes changes to the Paycheck Protection Program so that the program is more accessible and usable to the small businesses that need it most!

Watch the entire video for more information on how to get your relief money and the maximum benefits that you deserve.


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YouTube: House Just Passed NEW PPP Stimulus Package FREE Money for Self Employed!

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  2. If this is a business I have selling on eBay which I have a helper but just always paid him w cash do I have to come up w proof that he is an employee? And if I don’t show it will be denied ? Not that you for sure know but when you say side hustlers in the beginning that sounds like someone would be trying to get this w out any employees

  3. Kevin, love you brother but none of this matters until the Senate returns their volley and the House passes the new version (sadly i might add)

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