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Great: Second Stimulus Package and Stimulus

Second Stimulus Package and Stimulus Check Update

Updates on Trump stimulus package! How much more economic stimulus are you getting? What stimulus? Is there really another round of government stimulus package coming?

OK, so as of now, the second bill HAS been passed in the house of representatives, but STILL has to be passed and/or modified by the senate, then finally it must be signed by President Trump when all the terms have been agreed upon.

In terms of time scale, we can expect more movement, modifications, and negotiations on the bill to begin next week with the vote being cast at the back end of June or the start of July. So, what’s the deal with the second stimulus? Are we getting one or not?

The heroes act that passed in the house of representatives did include a second stimulus check. Right now, the Democrats clearly want a second stimulus check but we need to see if the Republicans in the Senate agree to it.

During these negotiations between the democrats and the republicans, we’ll be able to get a much clearer insight into how much of a priority the second stimulus is for both political parties.

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YouTube: Second Stimulus Package and Stimulus Check Update Monday June 1st (NEW!)

Second Stimulus Package and Stimulus Check Update Monday June 1st (NEW!)

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  2. I hope that all of you who voted Republican are getting the message. Republicans have stated in the past that people who vote for them are "Useful Idiots". How much clearer do you need before you wake up?

  3. No issues lining the pockets of the fat cats along with themselves!!! These bastards are consistently redistributing wealth among the rich and leaving poor people out as usual. Everything is ridiculously expensive and these people don't even want to give us crumbs!!!

  4. Stimulus bill… Yes, please on the updates! That would be awesome if you would do that! Thank you for taking the time to make this video! Sending love, light & good, positive vibes your way!! 🤜🤛

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  6. Can anyone clear this up , I am on ssdi and don’t have to pay taxes , anyway I received my first stimulus check through Direct Deposit, my Dad however has been filing taxes for over 20 years and he got a paper check. I also got mine at the end of April and he got his a few weeks ago in the mail. I don’t understand finances


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